Welcome To Songs For Friends!


On this site you will find all the best songs about friends out there! These are the finest songs about those precious things in our lives known as friends.

You will find all sorts of songs about friendship here from best friend songs, to songs about missing your friends and your partner being your friend.

We all have friends because humans need company and people to talk to and communicate with. We also need music for entertainment. Put these two together and you have songs for friends!

You may not necessarily sing these songs aloud to your friends but you can let them know you were thinking of them when you heard them or send them a link to one of these songs.

Why Come Here?


When we began our search for songs about friends on the web, we noticed that it was the same songs being repeated over and over again. Some of them are classics and deserve their accolades. However there were plenty of good songs without a mention.

So we created the ultimate list of the top 100 friendship songs covering every topic about friends. Whether it's just to say thank you to someone for being there for you or to reminisce about the good times you have shared together you will find a song here.

These aren't just the obvious songs so be prepared to discover some new music as you find out the best songs about friends.

The music comes from a range of genres from country to rock and others so there are bound to be songs that get you singing along.

Say It With A Song


If you have really good friends it is always worth telling them how much you value them once in a while. Sometimes though it is just best to say it with a song.

Songs often are able to say the things we can't...plus it's more enjoyable to have music in your life!

How many times have you been having a meagre day and a friend has managed to cheer you up with their antics and odd perspective on life? If you've ever had this happen to you then you know the value of friends.

Or maybe a friend has been there for you when no one else wanted to help you or know about your problems.

They Know You Well


As you go through life you will experience all sorts of challenges, good times and all sorts. While your friends may not know what these are like they do know you better than most.

The things that you love to do are more enjoyable when you have friends about. They make life better. And the songs here are a tribute to all the good friends out there.

Gather your friends around as you listen to these songs. Learn the words so you know what and when to sing.

And enjoy the greatest friend songs ever...

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